Sourcing Tool – LinkedIn Recruiter Search / Cross-Reference

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Written By Shane Bowen

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One of the most redundant tasks sourcers and recruiters experience each day is cross-referencing candidates in LinkedIn Recruiter that they’ve found from another source or via an X-Ray search of LinkedIn. The problem is that once we’ve identify a potential candidate, we have to open a new tab, copy the name and paste OR type it into LinkedIn Recruiter and execute another search. This is not time well spent.

So, to improve the speed and efficiency of our sourcing efforts, I created a Search/Cross-Reference Tool that I wanted to share with those who have LinkedIn Recruiter.

Installation and usage instructions:

With your mouse/trackpad, drag the links below to your favorite browsers Bookmarks/Favorites toolbar.

Bookmarklet – LinkedIn Recruiter Search

For those without a LinkedIn Recruiter Account, use the following Bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet – Search

To use, highlight the potential candidates first and last name listed on the web page where you identified them. (Google, MeetUp, Web Based ATS Systems and so on..)

Once you’ve highlighted the name, simply click on the Bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar, a new tab will open where the search will be executed.

And that’s it, very simple and very effective.